Fat transfer to various areas

What is it?

Fat transfer to various areas, also known as fat grafting or lipofilling, is used to model any part of the body. In this technique fat cells are being moved from a chosen area to another one for such purposes as:

  • enlarging certain body parts (e.g. breasts, hips, buttocks),
  • rejuvenating certain area (e.g. face, hands),
  • smoothing out certain body parts (e.g. thighs).

It is a commonly requested procedure by both women and men, who want to achieve the body they find most attractive, while at the same time making it look natural. Lipofilling is a popular treatment for folds and deep wrinkles. During the procedure surgeon removes fat cells from unwanted areas and injects them to chosen body parts, providing long-lasting results.

Who is it for

The treatment is intended for healthy patients, who have some excess fat deposits, which can be transferred to various areas. It is a solution for those, who are looking for a natural alternative to artificial fillers or implants and care about natural looking effects of lipofilling.

Surgery info

Fully qualified surgeon, with help from nurses and an anaesthetist, implements an incision in the treated area and collects the fat using one of the available liposuction methods (e.g. Vaser lipo, Body Jet). The extracted fat is centrifuged and specially prepared. Usually, before implantation, it is also enriched with platelet rich plasma (PRP) and/or stem cells, which allows to achieve better results as it helps to prevent the absorption of a large part of fat. However, it is important to remember the transplanted fat is always absorbed by the body in some percentage (minimum 20%). In some cases, for a satisfactory fat transfer effect, the treatment must be repeated. After centrifuging the fat to separate it from body fluids, the surgeon makes an incision in the spot, which requires enlargement or smoothing out, and injects the cells.

Hospital stay

Fat transfer to various areas itself does not require a hospital stay. After smaller treatments patients usually get discharged after just a few hours. The only exception is combining this surgery with the liposuction of a large part of the body (such as a stomach) or multiple parts – the patient may be advised to stay in the clinic until the next morning, where they will remain under the care of a nurse and doctor.

Clinic info

Lipofilling is performed under local or general anaesthetics in a private clinic, either in Katowice, Warsaw Józefów or Warsaw Centrum – details in Our clinics section.

Required stay in Poland

The stay can range from 2 to up to 7 days depending on the size of procedure – combining fat transfer to various areas with large liposuction requires a longer stay. The patient should come to Poland at least the day before the procedure, in order to undergo necessary medical tests qualifying for the surgery. After the procedure, the patient should stay on site for 1 to 6 nights for the post-surgery check-ups.


Depending on the clinic where the surgery will be performed, we recommend hotels in Katowice, Warsaw Centre or Warsaw Józefów. Detailed information is provided in the Accommodation section.

Possible complications

Among the most common complications after fat grafting procedure is a noticeable asymmetry. Sometimes it can be caused by swelling of the corrected body part. After some time swelling diminishes and the area is symmetrical again. In some cases, asymmetry may be permanent, although it should not be very noticeable.

Post-operative guidelines

Area, where the fat was transferred must not be touched and the patient should not lie down on it for as long as possible (it is important especially in case of buttocks and breasts). There may also be a need to avoid physical activity for a period of time specified by the doctor. Like with all kinds of medical treatments, the patient must keep taking medications prescribed by the doctor and keep following their post-operative recommendations.

Guidelines also include regular dressing changes at the incision site, check-ups, wearing compression garments (if recommended) and massages. Additional doctor consultation as well as excess fluid removal might be also required.


Include any medical issues with liver or heart as well as circulatory, mental or respiratory diseases. Patients should also have realistic expectations regarding effects of the treatment. We aim to achieve natural looking result, which might not be perfect.

Surgery cost

4500 PLN / £ 938 / € 1059 for a lipofilling to buttocks or breasts. Price does not include the cost of the liposuction required to collect the fat.

Additional costs include anaesthetics (up to 1000 PLN / £ 208 / € 235), medicines (about 100 PLN / £ 21 / € 24), compression garment (from 200 PLN / £ 42 / € 47 up to PLN 700 / £ 146 / € 165 depending on a treated area) and pre-op medical tests (usually up to around 300 PLN / £ 63 / € 71).

Treatments including fat transfer to mouth, wrinkles, under the eyes and other small areas are priced individually. Contact us for more information.