Body sculpting / liposuction

Innovative body-shaping procedures focus more and more on achieving superior results while minimizing patients recovery time. Ultrasound, laser or water-assisted liposuction procedures are less invasive than standard methods. It results in less swelling, less bleeding and less bruising, thus healing time is shorter as well. As a result, you can return to your everyday life fairly soon after the surgery.
Vaser HiDef, Vaser Lipo, AquaShape and SmartLipo offer superior body-contouring results thanks to the use of advanced, modern technology. Find out more about each of the procedures and additional possibilities they offer in the area of aesthetic medicine.


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Vaser Hi Def

What is it? New approach towards body contouring. The surgical procedure is focused not only on permanently removing the fat cells from targeted areas. Thanks to Vaser HiDef technology surgeon also shapes these areas in order to create healthy and athletic look with all natural curves, enhancements, shadows and grooves. Vaser HiDef is the only procedure offering such body shaping effects. READ MORE

Vaser lipo

What is it? Advanced, minimally invasive procedure employing ultrasound technology used to contour, shape your body. VASER Lipo is seen as a method alternative to traditional, invasive liposuction. State-of-the-art equipment minimizes the disadvantage of the body-contouring procedure, while offering unique ability: VASER Lipo can distinguish between the fat you want to remove and blood vessels, nerves and other tissues. The result? These tissues are preserved, shortening the healing time, while unwanted fat is effectively removed, thus superior body-contouring effects are achieved. READ MORE

Body Jet

What is it?  Liposuction approached from a new perspective. AquaShape, water assisted liposuction, is a solution minimizing the invasiveness of the procedure. As a result general anaesthetics is not required, thus medical risk is minimal as well and patients recover faster than in the case of a traditional procedure. READ MORE

Smart lipo

What is it?  SmartLipo is a minimally invasive liposuction technique. This gentle method of laser-assisted liposuction gives superior body contouring results and additonally tightens your skin. Compering to the classic liposuction the fat is removed far easier with this technique, less bruising occurs after surgery, less injury to nerves and vessels may also be achieved along with a shorter operation and recovery time for the patient. READ MORE