Vaser Hi Def

What is it?

Vaser Hi Def is the most modern liposuction method. It allows not only to remove fat, but also to shape the body so it looks healthy and „athletic”. This innovative surgery makes it possible to accent characteristic for men and women bodies grooves and depressions. It also enhances the look of natural muscles by leaving some fat on them so they appear bigger. From all of the body shaping methods, Vaser Hi Def gives the best results.

Who it is for?

Generally healthy patients seeking a fast, low-pain solution to losing stubborn fat deposits, who additionally want to gain an „athletic” look. Vaser Hi Def gives the best results in patients who are generally fit and not overweight. The surgeon initially qualifies the patient on the basis of the photos. Final qualification for the procedure is done in Poland, after all necessary blood tests are done, following personal consultation with both, an anaesthetist and the surgeon.

Surgery info

Your surgery will take place in a sterilized operating room of a private clinic. The procedure will be performed under general anaesthetics (Katowice clinic) or under intravenous anaesthetics (sedation with anaglesia; Warsaw Józefów clinic) by a fully qualified and experienced surgeon with and assistance of a certified anaesthetist and nurses. The procedure starts with filling the operated area with special tumescent saline solutions. Its task is to numb the area and make the blood vessels smaller, in order to reduce blood loss and bruising after the surgery. Moreover, it makes the process of breaking up the fat with the use of Vaser Hi Def ultrasound energy much easier. Next, a small probe is used to transmit the ultrasound energy, which liquefies fat without inflicting any damage to the surrounding tissues (including blood vessels, nerves etc.). The final step includes a gentle suction process, which helps to safely remove the fat from the area of the surgery. After surgery, the patient stays in a post-operative recovery room and is provided with medication (painkillers, antibiotics, antithrombotics) as well as a necessary compression garment.

Hospital stay

In Katowice clinic you will be required to stay overnigh in the clinic due to used general anaesthetics. In Warsaw Józefów clinic only large procedures require an overnight stay in the clinic. If your procedure is small, you may be released from the clinic after up to a few hours.

Hospital info

The procedure is available in two different locations – Warsaw (Warsaw Józefów clinic) and Katowice (Katowice clinic). Please find details in ‘Our clinics’.

Required stay in Poland

Between 4 and 7 nights altogether. 1 night before surgery + minimum 3 post-surgery in Warsaw and minimum 6 post-surgery in Katowice. A single area like chin or arms may require shorter stay.


Depending on the location, we recommend one of the Warsaw Józefów hotels or Katowice hotels. Please find more info in ‘Accommodation’.


Patient’s unrealistic expectations and medical problems (mental disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, heart and skin diseases, blood coagulation, liver conditions etc.).

Possible complications

Every medical procedure is connected with some level of risk of complications. In Vaser Hi Def they involve asymmetry, infection, bleeding, allergic reactions, chronic pain and discomfort, change in skin sensation, loss of skin elasticity, scarring, seroma, skin contour irregularities, pulmonary complications, bruissing, swelling, skin loss, surgical shock, lidocaine toxicity, burns and probe fragmentation. More details provided by the doctor at the consultation.

Post-operative guidelines

Include check-ups, dressing changes, wearing a compression garment for 4 weeks after surgery, having multiple massages, taking recommended medication, avoiding exercising for 3-4 weeks after surgery, some patients may require further medical advice after going back home (inlcuding „drainage” of the excess liquid removal in the operated area), staying well hydrated and eating well. Details provided by the doctor at a consultation.

Procedure cost

Example prices given in the ‘Prices’ section. For more information please contact us directly.

Our prices include a consultation with the surgeon and an anaesthetist , anaesthetics, surgery fees, 1 night of hospital stay (if required), check-ups and dressing changes (by a nurse at the clinic), a compression garment and medication.

Additional costs are blood tests, flights, hotel, transfers and food. Additionally, there are some massages to be done by a professional and an experienced therapist after going back home (own arrangements required).

Some patients find it useful to purchase an additional compression garment (price from 200 PLN / £42 / €47 up to 700 PLN / £146 / €165 depending on a treated area). Needs to be ordered prior to arrival.


Both locations have airports. Return flight prices from the most popular locations start from around £50 / €56.

Warsaw Józefów clinic

Warsaw Chopin airport WAW – 20-min drive from the town centre

Warsaw Modlin airport WMI – around 1h drive from the town centre

Katowice clinic

Katowice airport KTW – around 45-min drive from the town

Kraków airport KRK – around 1h drive from the town


Available upon request. Prices evaluated individually and start from 650 PLN / £130 / €144 per package.

Before & after photos

Pictures used for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.