Katowice clinic

Specializes in general surgery, plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, cosmetology, phlebology, proctology, dermatology and physiotherapy.

  • Our recommendation for Vaser lipo and Vaser Hi-Def liposuction, fat transfer, plastic surgery procedures (breast implants, tummy tuck, eye lift) and aesthetic medicine treatments such as fillers, lasers etc.
  • Established in 2008.
  • Located in Katowice city, away from the town centre.
  • One of Europe’s best Vaser Hi-Def specialist famous doctor Mekle operates here.
  • Unique „feel like home” atmosphere.
  • Outstanding patient care.
  • Thousands of satisfied patients.
  • First in Poland to use Vaser Hi-Def method.
  • Hosts Vaser lipo training sessions.
  • Highly experienced and fully qualified medical staff.
  • Modern technology and highest class medical equipment.
  • Operating theatre with post-operative recovery room for two.
  • Overnight stay after the procedure available.