Meet our team of highly-trained professionals

Dr Henryk Mekle

surgeon in Katowice clinic

Specializes in body sculpting with Vaser, Vaser HiDef and fat transfer to various areas.

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Dr Tomasz Kłos

surgeon in Warsaw Józefów clinic

Specialist in Vaser lipo, Vaser Hi Def, fat transfer and varicose veins treatment.

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Dr Marek Batijewski

surgeon in Warsaw Józefów clinic

Specializes in body sculpting, fat transfer, thread lifts and varicose veins treatment.

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Prof. Stanisław Dąbrowiecki

surgeon in Bydgoszcz clinic

Specialist in gastric band and gastric sleeve surgeries.

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Dr Michał Spychalski

surgeon in Łódź clinic

Our 6 and 12-month Orbera gastric balloon specialist.

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Dr Rafał Mulek

surgeon in Wrocław clinic

Our gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and gastric revision surgery specialist.

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Dr Thomas Drazba

surgeon in Warsaw Józefów clinic

Specializes in liposuction, fat transfer and varicose veins treatment.

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Top-Medics cooperates only with the best, fully-qualified and highly-experienced surgeons assisted by certified anaesthetists and nurses.

In order to ensure each procedure is performed safely and to achieve the most effective results, the doctors from our clinics have undergone extensive training, including the training by Dr. Alfredo Hoyos, who designed VASER Hi Definition Lipoplasty.

To provide you with access to different specialists we cooperate with experts in such procedures as:

  • Vaser HiDef and Lipo, AquaShape by Body-Jet and SmartLipo body contouring techniques,
  • Varicose veins treatment with laser (EVLT) or radiofrequency (EVRF),
  • Gastric band and balloon surgeries,
  • Rhinoplasty and breast enlargement.

Surgeons, who perform body sculpting, gastric band and other surgeries in cooperation with Top-Medics have conducted a great number of procedures up to date.
At the same time our team constantly look for new, improved aesthetic medicine procedures to always be able to offer you the most advanced, the safest solutions currently available.
View full profiles of our doctors to find out more about their experience, years of medical training, procedures they specialize in and other details about their skills and qualification. Make sure you are in good hands, whichever procedure you choose to help with your imperfection.