Warsaw Józefów clinic

Specializes in general surgery, plastic surgery, phlebology, proctology, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology.

  • Our recommendation for liposuction with various methods (Vaser lipo, Vaser Hi Def, Body Jet, Smart lipo), fat transfer, varicose vein treatment (EVLT, EVRF, sclerotherapy and other methods) and aesthetic medicine treatments such as fillers etc.
  • Established in 1996.
  • Located on outskirts of Warsaw city in Józefów.
  • Over 20 000 patients treated.
  • Highly experienced and fully qualified medical staff.
  • A few surgeons available.
  • High standard patient care.
  • Modern operating theatre with a post-operative recovery room.
  • Overnight stay after the procedure available.
  • Equipped with safe and certified highest class medical devices.
  • Innovative and effective technologies.
  • Laureate of the prestigious „Orły Medycyny” title.
  • Rafaelo haemorrhoids treatment method invented here.