Please see below for some of our patients’ opinions.

Vaser lipo (by dr. Batijewski) - Nina, UK

At first I was very scared, however, my patient coordinator was amazing, she answered every single question, she made sure I was informed of everything, she gave me all information I required and called me after my surgery! The clinic was amazing, they explained everything and made sure I was happy with every single step, I absolutely recommend them to anyone.

Gastric band (by prof. Dąbrowiecki) - Ruby, UK

I highly recommend Top Medics I am more than happy with the services they have provided.

I arrived in Bydgoszcz for a gastric band and I met a local resident Karol who was very helpful from start to finish. He took me to my hotel and then was with me for the hospital tests right up until I had my surgery making sure I was ok and I understood everything. As I am English and didn’t understand any Polish he kindly translated everything for me which made me feel at ease. I met the surgeon who was lovely and friendly. He guided me every step of the way and answered any questions I had. The hospital stay was great and I was able to go back to my hotel the next day. Karol collected me and took me to the chemist to get the medication I needed. Natasha was helping me all the way through from me booking my surgery and we are still in contact now, days after my surgery. She is helping me with any questions I have 🙂 I am very pleased with all the help and prompt replies she has given me from the very start. Thank you to you all!

6-month post-op update

I have lost just over 3 stone now so I am very happy 😊

Gastric sleeve (by dr. Mulek) – Tina, Canada

The gastric sleeve surgery was successful and I have had very successful progress with my weight loss! I want to thank you for recommending the doctor. He was the perfect doctor for me and the staff really did an exemplary job of taking care of me. I am very excited for the future.

Here is a link to my weight loss story channel on YouTube

Gynecomastia surgery with Vaser lipo (by dr. Mekle) – Tom, UK

I had this procedure as I was unhappy with the development of my male breasts. The surgery was carried out by Dr Mekle at his modern clinic in Katowice. I’m happy to say that I’m very pleased with the results, Dr Mekle is an amazing person and hugely talented in this field. The clinic is modern and very clean, the service I received before, during and after was fantastic and very efficiently coordinated by Natasza from the head office in Warsaw… thanks for all your help. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone, especially for the Gynecomastia and Vaser Lipo procedures.

12-month Orbera gastric balloon (dr. Spychalski) – Victoria, UK

The recovery was perfect! I only threw up once the day after the surgery, I only had cramps for two days. Then was completely fine. I only had to do the liquid diet for 4 days and puréed food for 3 days. By week 2 I had already gone onto solid food and had no side effects. All the medicine that was given to me aswell – I haven’t taken it since week 2. I don’t need to take any of the medication as have no side effects what so ever. Never felt sick or had acid reflux. I started at 84.6kg and am now at 78kg already so everything going well! Thank you for checking in on me and for everything you guys have done.

Vaser lipo (by dr Kłos) – Kaya, Norway

It was overall very good experience (not considering the actual pain in the body :-)).

The doctor was very professional and service minded. I am happy that I stayed overnight at the clinic and the nurse was great. Top-Medics has been very helpful and great, and I never felt alone! Thank you!

Vaser Hi Def (by dr. Mekle) - Carl, UK

Recovery has been going well and I have to say the service I received was excellent and I would have no hesitation using Dr Mekle and Top-Medics Poland in the future.

Here is a link to review.

“So I had my surgery 5 days ago and return to the UK tomorrow. I have been researching this procedure for around 2 years and this site has helped loads in finally making the decision to have vaser liposuction. For as long as I remember I have yoyo’d between obese and overweight. Last year I turned 40 and decided it was time to act and I stopped eating crap and started going to the gym 4-5 times a week doing hiit and cross training.” READ MORE

Varicose vein removal EVRF & sclerotherapy (by dr. Drazba) – Jane, UK

The sevice I received from the initial enquiry about surgery was fantastic. The response was immediate, informative and helpful. The package we were told about was a godsend. Taxis to and from the clinic for blood tests, surgery and follow up appointments were very good value and would highly recommend this service. The clinic staff and doctors were all very friendly and made me feel at ease. The coordinator Natasza was always checking in on me before, during and after my surgery and would say she is an asset to this company. All in all I’m over the moon with the service and result of my surgery so far. Thanks to all at Top Medics.

Gastric band (by prof. Dąbrowiecki) – Susan, UK

Natasza was very thorough from start to finish. She would quite happily answer my numerous questions and would reply promptly. The itinerary broke everything down, so I knew what I would be doing on the hospital days and when I would be picked up. Without Karol the resident driver I would have been lost. He attended all medical appointments with me. My experience was great. I would advise anyone going abroad for surgery to take a companion, against Natasza advice I went alone and found it quite lonely. Overall would I do it again? YES I definitely would 🙂

Vaser Hi Def liposuction (by dr. Kłos) – John, USA

Dr. Tomasz Klos was very accommodating, he addressed all my questions and concerns and ensured I had all the information I needed prior to the surgery. The procedure was far less painful than I thought it would be and recovery wasn’t bad at all. I am pleased with the results so far.

Gastric balloon (by dr. Kowalczyk) – Don, UK

Natasza was great and very caring and the staff in the clinic were exellent too.

Varicose vein treatment EVLT (by dr. Drazba) – Leon, US

Top Medics did a great job taking care of me for my stay in Warsaw. The doctor speaks English as good as any therefore it felt just like I was at home. I was able to get all questions answered thoroughly leaving me with no doubts going forward. As far as the job went, I cannot see any reason to complain. As far as I can tell (all signs looking good one month after surgery) everything was done exactly as you would expect from a reliable consistent professional with a lot of experience and pride in their work. There were no dramas or setbacks associated with the visit. Everything was done on time and I was able to enter and leave without any unexpected issues. Many thanks to everyone there. Also a big thank you to Nastasza, who despite myself postponing for over a year, continued to answer every email and query I had (and there were lots !) thoroughly with good English. Nastasza also made herself available to be contacted during my stay which was a big reassurance to myself. (And I did receive useful help from her more than once when I asked).

Vaser Hi Def lipo (by dr Bujok) – Kirk, USA

The clinic was great, the nurse was the best, and the transfers went well too. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the way I was treated and also the results.

Vaser lipo (by dr. Dombek) – Tina, UK

So far, I’m really enjoying the results. The service throughout the experience was really good.

Gastric band (by prof. Dąbrowiecki) – Marion, UK

I’m so impressed with this company. From the moment I made an enquiry, I got all the information needed to make an informed choice. They accommodated me at very short notice, helped me book flights and accommodation. My experience of surgery was fantastic, great surgeon and extremely clean, hi-tech operating theatre. I woulnd’t hesitate to recommend Top-Medics Poland and use them again in the future for any further procedures.

Vaser lipo liposuction (by dr. Drazba) – Anna, UK

I was very pleased with Dr. Drazba and the other doctor who saw me, they were both really excellent and thoughtful. I also thought Andrew the driver was so so friendly and helpful, so I’m very impressed!

Vaser Hi Def (by dr. Kłos) – Steve, UK

Very nice trip to Poland and amazing results of my surgery!

Here is a link to my overall experience review on Realself.

“So I’m 29 I’ve always been pretty average weight, when I do lose weight I lose it from my face, my arms and legs and generally places I don’t want to lose weight. It ends up leaving my stomach and love handles even more prominent than when I’m not so thin. With all this I started researching Vaser lipo and hi def lipo…” read more

Vaser lipo liposuction (by dr. Batijewski) – Derek, UK

The whole trip went really well. I am really happy with the results and the whole experience was far better than I expected. The doctor and clinic you organized was first class and very professional which really put me at ease. The aftercare was excellent. Of course we did some sight seeing and found Poland to be a lovely welcoming country. Thank you for your help and advice.

Gastric balloon (by dr. Kowalczyk) – Elena, UK

The doctor did a very good job. I was very happy with his work.

Varicose veins removal EVLT (by dr. Batijewski) – Fiona, UK

Contact with Natasza has always been brilliant – informative, professional and efficient. We liked our in-country representative, and my only constructive comment would be regarding the surgeon’s English, which was fine, but not brilliant. Otherwise, a very good service.

Vaser lipo (by dr. Bujok) – Rosa, Sweden

I have been working out and eating healthy pretty much my whole life but had this stubborn fat on my outer thighs and below my but that i couldn’t get rid of so I recently decided to get a liposuction instead. I contacted Top-Medics and they recommended me to do Vaser lipo. I looked it up and decided to go trough with it. The pricing was really good compared to what I would have had to pay here in Sweden and also the doctors had got good reviews. They set up a schedule for me from the time I arrive and the taxi picks me up until I depart, everything went according to the schedule and everyone was good at being on time. The first day I got picked up by the taxi (super friendly guy) and taken to the hospital for my blood tests and afterwards taken to the hotel for rest. The day after I was picked up and had my consultation and surgery. I stayed at the clinic until the next morning and had 24 hour care by a nurse who helped me with everything I needed at night such as going to the toilet. The morning after she served me breakfast, changed my dressings and then I took a taxi back to the hotel where I rested. After a day I had my check up with a doctor and another dressing change and I had one last dressing change before being taken to the airport the day after. Two weeks since my surgery I’m still swollen and quite sore but everything feels fine so far. Overall I’m really satisfied with the service, everything and everyone was very professional and the clinic was clean.

Vaser Hi Def (by dr. Mekle) – Jonney, UK

I’m very happy with the results and the service I have received. Would definitely recommend to anyone!

Here is a link to my Vaser Hi Def with Top-Medics Poland review on Realself .

“Hi all,

My story is very similar to the ones I’ve researched on here, I’m normally a very private person but the write-ups and people on this site really helped in my decision making process, and the in-depth reviews gave me a real insight in what to expect, so thought it would be selfish not to document my story also. I’m a 42 year old man that goes to the gym 3/4 times a week and have done for as long as I can remember (albeit less than I used to due to work commitments) but was never able to get the abs…”  read more

Gastric balloon (by dr. Kowalczyk) – Kate, UK

Happy with overall experience within the clinic. Thank you for all your help in the lead up to my procedure, you were wonderful. Best wishes.

Vaser Hi Def (by dr. Mekle) – Lisa, UK

To be honest recovery was a breeze and am totally all healed and well now. Didn’t really have much pain and the main issue was that horrid foam I had to wear for a week or so, after that I was ok. All a distant memory now, pleased with the results and really happy with everything. So happy with results. Thanks again for all your help.

EVLT varicose vein removal (by dr. Kłos) – Mona, Spain

Everything was perfect! I travelled to Poland to operate my leg because I had read that it was one of the best clinics. I have been very worried all my life with my leg, also I imagined that this kind of operation should be more dangerous or more complicate recovered. To be honest, It was only a few hours and the doctor explained all details, they treated me like at home I felt really relaxed and safe. In addition, they are very gentle and thoughtful, during my surgery they have been calling me every day and informed every detail before and after the operation even though went I came back to the UK they have been contacted me to know about my recovery. I am glad about this clinic, especially with the doctor. Moreover, Natasza she has been very professional.

Vaser Hi Def (by dr. Kłos) – Mark, UK

I am more than happy with EVERYTHING so far! The results, the clinic, the doctor, the staff, I have not a single complaint. I would be MORE than happy to recommend anyone to use this clinic and especially Doctor Klos. I think he has done a great job – as I have been telling all my friends so far! Thank you.

Vaser Hi Def (by dr. Mekle) – Ryan, UK

Great service and value for money. More than happy with the results

Here is a link to my Realself review.

“I Booked through TOP MEDICS POLAND their assistance from initial contact has been professional, helpful, and organised. The assistance package which I arranged through Top Medics Poland included transport between airport/hotels/clinic and is essential really!…” read more

Gastric balloon (by dr. Kowalczyk) – Vera, UK

Thank you to you and the rest of the Top Medics Poland team; you are all extremely caring, professional and helpful. I will be telling everyone how great your service is.

Gastric balloon (by dr. Kowalczyk) – Veronica, UK

The service I have received from Top Medics Poland has been first class. Natasza is extremely well organised and helpful, answering all my questions promptly. Agnes the local rep met me at the airport and took me to and from the clinic each day. On the final day she took me back to the airport. She was very helpful and friendly and immediately put me at ease. Dr Kowalczyk and the nursing team were professional and extremely caring. I was really well looked after. I have no hesitation in recommending Top Medics Poland to anyone thinking of travelling abroad for this procedure.

Gastric band (by dr. Szewczyk) – Mary, UK

Very good and clean hospital. Very quick, no hanging about. I would recommend Top Medics to anyone coming from another country.

Gastric balloon (by dr. Kowalczyk) – Chris, UK

All in all a very positive experience. I lost 15 kgs with no effort. It involves the occasional vomiting if you eat too much, but I always manager to get to the bathroom. I would definately have another gastric balloon inserted if I lose control of my weight again.

Gastric balloon (by dr. Kowalczyk) – Emily, UK

I 100% recommend Top Medics Poland.

Here is a link to my weight loss with the gastric balloon review on Realself .

“I flew to Łódz, Poland with Top Medics to get my gastric balloon fitted. I stayed in a local hotel called Hotel Campagnile which I do recommend due the persistent stench of drains throughout the hotel, which let me tell you, if you are already feeling nauseous is not a good combo…” read more

Gastric band (by dr. Szewczyk) – Adam, UK

Very good service. Worth staying one extra night in hotel. Plenty to see in Lodz city. Agnes my guide was great!

Ear pinning / otoplasty (by Dr. Gumkowski) – Sarah, Ireland

Everything from the moment I stepped off the plane ran smoothly. My personal assistant Agnes is such a nice girl it felt like having a friend from home with me. My procedure was very quick and felt no pain during or afterwards. I will be rocommending Top-Medics to all friends and family!

Liposuction (with BodyJet method, by Dr. Prończuk) – Ada and Egil, Norway

We are very satisfied! We had special anaesthesia requirements so we appreciated that doctor could adjust anaesthesia level during surgery. We were fully awake during surgery and could communicate with the doctors, just as we wanted. The pain was absolutely bearable and lighter that we have expected. The downtime was minimal and we were out shopping the next day! All the staff were polite and smiling and we felt well taken care of for the whole time. We’re planning to return to have other areas treated.

Rhinoplasty and liposuction (by Dr. Gumkowski) – Kaja, Denmark

I’m very very satisfied with the service and availability of the resident/ personal assistant, but I’m even more satisfied with my new nose and the lipo! The result of surgery is much better and more comfortable then I could ever imagine. Medical staff have been very nice and helpful. I really recommend this whole experience, especially if it’s your first surgery, like it was for me. Thank you Top-Medics!

Vaser HiDef (by Dr. Mekle) - Arthur, UK

Vaser hi def abdomen and flanks I am Male !

I have just returned from Poland having had a really pleasant time with Dr Mekle and the excellent team at his clinic in Katowice. I had been considering Vaser hi def surgery for some time – My BMI is fine and I am not really overweight it is just that I have put on weight around my middle which I am unable to shift by exercise ( due to a back injury I am now unable to do sit ups and crunches ) and I do not want to appear pregnant I decided Vaser was the route for me. I did considerable research prior to deciding on Dr Mekle …..Experts in this surgery are few and far between …. So if you are considering Vaser make sure the surgeon operating on you is fully trained to Alfred Hoyos`s standards ( He is the Columbian surgeon who invented the procedure )….Dr Mekle is fully trained to this standard !

The whole process just went so smoothly. My initial contact via the net was with Karolina from Topmedics …I enquired regarding the surgery and Topmedics requested my medical history details from me together with photos of the areas I considered a problem these would be shown to the surgeon for consideration …..some days later I received an email from Karolina ….the photos had been shown to Dr Mekle ….he considered that subject to a personal examination upon arrival in Poland he thought I would be an excellent candidate.

A price was quoted …..which was excellent value for money! I then sent a small deposit as requested via bank transfer to reserve the slot for surgery and a suitable date was decided on and agreed … Karolina searched and suggested flights which I then booked through Ryanair …..£52.00 return from Birmingham again excellent value( dont make the mistake of taking a lot of luggage you wont need it and they charge extra if your bag weighs over 10 kgs).

I arrived in Poland in the evening the flight came in 15min early and I was met by Greg my English speaking companion for me during my visit, I was taken to the hospital for blood tests as arranged then I was taken to a hotel for the night …. Karolina had arranged this prior to my visit …..I was sent details of several hotels ….eventually I left the decision to Karolina (this was spotless and very comfortable) I settled the hotel bill upon arrival then retired for a really good nights sleep …….

The next morning I was collected from the hotel by Greg and taken to the clinic. This was my first visit to Poland ….I was very impressed with how clean the whole place is …. it is also quite beautiful and very green.

We arrived at the clinic …..and after filling in a few details I was met by Dr Mekle …..What a really genuine person he is ( Dr Mekle speaks excellent English) ….after a full in-depth consultation and examination he advised me that I was a good candidate for Vaser ……EXCELLENT …..I would now be seen by the anaesthetist to determine weather I could be operated on under twilight or a general anaesthetic ……Greg joined me for this part as the lady does not speak English ….all was well and a general anaesthetic was agreed on …..I was given a glass of water and a pill to relax me ……..ten mins later I was changing into a theatre gown and being prepped for surgery and then painted with solution by the girls in theatre.

I awoke after a two or three hours in a lovely room wearing a compression garment and I was starving and thirsty. Dr Mekle came and assured me everything went really well and advised me that I would see really good results in a few months (like everyone says just be patient).

I had a light lunch and plenty of water to drink (essential 2.5 ltrs daily). Dr Mekle advised me that the nurse would be with me all night and that his colleague would also be there should I need anything …..He also speaks excellent English. Around 4 Oclock my dressings were checked and changed …..and I just rested. The nurse asked me would I like to watch TV …which I did not so I just slept. The nurse came and checked in on me every 30 mins throughout the whole night .(she really was an angel).

The next morning I had breakfast after which my dressings were checked and changed by the nurse and the Dr. I was given antibiotics and Dr Mekle came to see how I was progressing ……all was well and he was really pleased ….I was then given my discharge paper …. I then paid the balance of the monies owed and after several refreshing cups of tea with Dr Mekle I left the clinic (I was also given Dr Mekle`s mobile tel no and advised to call him at anytime if I had any concerns whatsoever ). Greg came to take me back to the airport and I bid them all farewell.

I have even had calls from Poland to check on my progress since having the operation …..!!!!! with several emails checking on my recovery…..

MY OVERALL EXPERIENCE OF DR MEKLE HAS REALLY BEEN SUPERB. THEY REALLY ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. They are an excellent team. I would urge anyone contemplating Vaser … these people …. primarily for EXCELLENT SURGERY SKILLS and standards , 1st class hygiene, excellent quality service, and REALLY good value.

N.B. this testimonial has not been solicited and I have not been paid for writing this (I merely want to express my sincere thanks for all Dr Mekle and his excellent team have done for me).

Rhinoplasty (by Dr. Gumkowski) – Hayley, UK

My personal assistant Natasha was very friendly, easy to approach person. Always wanted to help me. I could ring her anytime day or night. Speaks brilliant English language. She was very organised and professional. Made me feel welcomed. Thank you Natasha 🙂 My new nose is fab!

Vaser HiDef (by Dr. Mekle)- Jonas, Norway

I visited Top-Medics in Poland this spring and everything turned out much better than expected. I had some vaser hi def done to my chest and abdomen at the clinic in Katowice. The clinic was very modern and the staff was very professional. I had the opportunity to stay there for 2 days with full service from the nurses. The result turned out very natural and much better than I had emagined. I can warmly recommend the services of Top-Medics and of Doctor Mekle and would not hesitate go come back again.

SmartLipo (by Dr. Kłos) – Maria, Sweden

I was very happy with the result of the liposuction performed by doctor Kłos in Warsaw. The support by the staff in Poland was also great and everything was organized in a timely and professional manner. On top of that it was nice to have the opportunity to visit a new city and to be able to recuperate privately. I am rather picky as it comes to these type of procedures, but I can now happily state that I achieved best possible outcome at less than half of the price that it would cost in Sweden.

Breast implants and breast lift (by Dr. Gumkowski) - Anna, US

My personal assistant Natasza was amazing from the very beginning. I would not have been able to go through this experience without her assistance. Before my arrival we communicated through email. Natasza was very responsive and able to address all questions and concerns. Upon arrival to Warsaw I was pleasantly greeted by her. From that moment on she made herself available for the rest of my stay. She was always on time for my appointments with the doctor. Most importantly, she was attentive to all of my needs. I felt as I had a friend with me throughout my stay in Warsaw. I was very happy with the doctor who performed my surgery. Despite my long list of questions and concerns, he was able to answer all of them, which of course helped me feel more comfortable. Dr. Gumkowski was able to assist me with making the best choices to meet my needs and desires. I was very impressed with the innovative methods that Dr. Gumkowski used. His staff was amazing. They made me feel very comfortable and took very good care of me before and after my surgery.

The final results of my breast augmentation and lift will take some time to see. I am confident that I will be happy with the results. It is always a risk to have any kind of surgery, especially when stepping out of ones comfort zone to do so. Dr. Gumkowski, his staff and Natasza were the best individuals to take this risk with.

Thank you for this life changing experience!

EVLT (by Dr. Batijewski) - Mia, Spain

My surgery went great and those horrid veins are finally gone! Staff was very friendly and proffesional. I was very well looked after during my entire stay in Poland. Very positive overall experience. Would recommend them to anyone. Keep up the good work guys!

Gastric band (by Dr. Szewczyk) – Anne, UK

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Top-Medics could not have been more helpfull, nothing was to much trouble. The hospital was first class and the doctors and nurses were impeccable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Top-Medics to anyone.