Breast enlargement / augmentation with implants

What is it?

Breast enlargement is a surgery performed in order to enlarge the breasts. The are a few known methods of breast augmentation but the most popular one with the longest lasting result are implants. Breast implants are round or anatomic-shaped silicone or salline pads that are placed in your brest either under the skin or under the muscle. The implant can be inserted through a small incision located under your breast, around the lower edge of the areola or in your armpit. The procedure can help to enlarge the breast size by a size or two or more.

Plastic surgery of breast implants. Vector illustration

Who it is for?

Generally healthy patients with good blood tests and breast ultrasound results who wish to enlarge their breast size or/and slighlty correct their shape. A surgeon initially qualifies the patient for the procedure based on some pictures, description of desired results and medical information. After arrival to Poland, the patient has all of the required medical tests done and is consulted by the surgeon and an anaethetist.

Surgery info

The surgery is performed under general anaesthetics by an experienced surgeon with an assistance of a certified anaesthetist and nurses. It takes place in a sterilized operating room and usually lasts 1-2 hours although some more complicated procedures may take longer. After surgery you will have a special compression bra put on in order to help the healing and keep the implants in the right spot.

Hospital stay

1 night of hospital stay is required after the procedure. A certified nurse will look after you and provide all necesary medication. In the morning, you will be check-up by the doctor and released from the clinic. That’s when you may go back to your hotel to get some more rest.

Clinic info

Surgery is available in Warsaw Centre clinic and in Katowice clinic. Details in ‘Our clinics’ section.

Required stay in Poland

Between 4 and 10 nights, depending on the doctor’s recommendation.


Depending on the clinic location, we recommend one of the ‘Warsaw city centre hotels’ or ‘Katowice hotels’. See details in ‘Accommodation’.


Patient’s medical problems like mental disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, heart and skin diseases, blood coagulation, liver conditions etc. as well as unrealistic expectations.

Possible complications

Like every medical procedure, breast enlargement with implants is connected with some level of risk of complications like bleeding, inflammation, scarring, adhesions, infection, nerves damage, chronic breast pain, breast or nipple numbness, capsular contracture, hardened and misshapen breasts, asymmetry, implant breakage and leakage, death, need for additional surgery to deal with complicaations etc. More information provided at a consultation with the surgeon.

Post-operative guidelines

Include dressing changes, check-ups, taking prescribed medication and strictly following the doctor’s post-operative instructions. Pain and swelling/puffiness are normal after breast implants surgery and can be controlled by painkillers. They usually last from a few days up to a few weeks. We recommend coming over to Poland with a companion in order to help you around after the procedure as you will be weak and in pain for at least a few days. Try not to be to active during that time. Make sure you get further few days off after going back home. It is required that you avoid strenuous activities such as exercising and sports for a few weeks after surgery. Stitches are usually removed 7-10 days after surgery. More detailed information provided at a consultation with the surgeon.

Surgery cost

From 16 000 PLN / £3333 / €3765 up to 21 000 PLN / £4375 / €4941 depending on used implants and operating surgeon.

This includes a consultation with a surgeon, an anaesthetist, surgery fees, anesthetics, 1 night of hospital stay, check-ups and dressing changes.

Additional cost may be medication prescribed by the doctor (around 200 PLN / £42 / €47).

The above prices does not include required pre-op medical tests. They are to be done back home (own arrangements required) or after arrival to Poland (we are able to recommend places to have them done and help with arrangements).


Both locations have airports.

Warsaw city centre clinic

WAW Warsaw Chopin airport – 20-min drive from the town centre

WMI Warsaw Modlin airport – around 1h drive from the town centre

Katowice clinic

KTW Katowice airport – around 45-min drive from the town

KRK Kraków airport – around 1h drive from the town

Flight prices from most popular locations start from around £50 / €56 return.


Available upon request and evaluated individually. Prices start from 450 PLN / £94 / €106 per package.

Before & after photos

Pictures used for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.