Smart lipo

What is it?

Smart lipo is a minimally invasive liposuction technique, which is becoming increasingly common and a popular plastic surgery performed all over the world. This gentle method of laser-assisted liposuction gives superior body contouring results and additionally slightly tightens your skin. Comparing to the classic treatment, Smart lipo removes the fat far easier, less bruising occurs after surgery, less injury to nerves and vessels may also be achieved along with a shorter operation and recovery time for the patient.

Who it is for?

Smart lipo works best on generally healthy patients seeking a fast, low-pain solution to losing small stubborn fat deposits. If you are looking to have a large or multiple areas treated, we recommend the most modern liposuction method Vaser lipo.

The initial qualification is done on the basis of the photos, verified by a surgeon. Later on, in Poland, the blood tests are done as well as face to face consultation with an anaesthetists and a surgeon is conducted.

If you are looking for modern method highly improving safety and effectiveness of surgical procedures, laser technology is probably the best choice. Smart Lipo uses precisely calibrated laser to dissolve fat deposits, while the liquid appearing as a result, is removed by the surgeon through small incision on the skin or is naturally metabolized by the organism. Small laser additionally closes the blood vessels during melting the fat, limiting in the process the swelling, bleeding and bruising present during standard liposuction. Minimal invasiveness of the treatment allows the patients to quicker notice the results and minimizes the possibility of complications after the procedure.

Surgery info

The procedure is performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon in the assistance of an anaesthetist. The patient is under sedation and local anaesthetics in a sanitized operating room. The surgery time is within the range of 30 minutes to 2-3 hours, depending on the area of the procedures. Surgeon makes usually several small incisions in the skin, through which special cannula is inserted, which helps to dissolve the fat tissue with the use of a laser. Afterwards the excessive fat is gently suctioned out of the body. The patient is provided with all medications (including antibiotics and painkillers) after the surgery as well as all necessary pressure garment.

Hospital stay

You will be released from the clinic up to a few hours after the procedure.

Due to minimal invasiveness of the Smart lipo procedure and its performance under local anaesthetics, the patients do not have to stay overnight at a hospital. Normally, patients are able to return to normal daily activity a few days after the treatment. The doctor provides special instructions on how to take care of yourself during the initial period of recovery time. After the swelling is gone the final results of Smart lipo procedure will be already visible.

Hospital info

The procedure is available in two different locations in Warsaw Józefów clinic. Please find details in ‘Our clinics’.

Required stay in Poland

Minimum 1 night before surgery + minimum 3 post-surgery of stay are required. Between 4 and 7 nights altogether. A single area like chin or arms may require a shorter stay.


We recommend one of the ‘Warsaw Józefów hotels’. Please find more info in ‘Accommodation’.


Patient with unrealistic expectations as well as medical problems like heart and skin diseases, blood coagulation, liver conditions, mental disorders, drug or alcohol abuse, etc.

Possible complications

Smart lipo involves risks of bleeding, seroma, infection, scarring, change in appearance, chronic pain , hardness and lumpiness, assymetry, pain, tissue loss, blood vessels or muscles, unsatisfactory results, including visible deformities, loss of function, abnormal healing, blindness or loss of vision, skin death, or loss of sensation, allergic reactions, complcations from surgical anesthesia, pulmonary complications, demage to nerves, fat embolism, death, blood clots. More details provided by the doctor at the consultation.

Smart Lipo is a very safe procedure. It has been approved by the FDA in November, 2006. No life-threatening complications, normally present after the liposuction procedure, have been observed after the procedure. It is due to the fact, that it is performed under local anaesthetics only, instead of risky full sedation.

The procedure has been performed thousands of times since it has been introduced in North America in 2005 and turned out to be one of the safest plastic surgeries. What is more, the patients might return to their everyday life much faster than in the case of traditional methods.

Post-operative guidelines

Include check-up visits, dressing changes, taking recommended medication and wearing a compression garment for 4 weeks after surgery. It is also important to have multiple massages, stay well hydrated and eat well, and avoiding exercising for 3-4 weeks after surgery. Some patients may require further medical attention after going back home (inlcuding „drainage” of the excess liquid removal in the operated area). Details provided by the doctor at the consultation.

Surgery cost

Example prices given in the ‘Prices’ section. For more information please contact us directly.

Our prices are inclusive of a consultation with the surgeon and an anaesthetist, anaesthetics during surgery, surgery fees, check-ups and dressing changes (by a nurse at the clinic), a compression garment and required medication.

Additional costs are medical tests, accommodation, flights, transfers and food. In order to achieve the best possible results some massages done by a professional and an experienced therapist after going back home are required (own arrangements are required).

Some patients purchase an additional compression garment (price from 200 PLN / £42 / €47 up to 700 PLN / £146 / €165 depending on a treated area). It needs to be ordered prior to arrival.


Warsaw has a couple of airports. Flight prices from most popular locations start from around £50 / €56 return.

Warsaw Chopin airport WAW – 20-min drive from the city centre

Warsaw Modlin airport WMI – around 1h drive from the city centre


Available upon request. Prices are evaluated individually and start from 450 PLN / £94 / €106 per package.

Before & after photos

Pictures used for illustrative purposes only. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.