What is it?

Vaginoplasty is a technique requested mostly by those women, who noticed a vaginal laxity after childbirth. Lack of tightness of a vagina can be also caused due to aging process. Performing the procedure is supposed to not only increase psychological comfort, but also help with sexual dysfunction caused by separated muscles.

It is important to understand a difference between vaginoplasty and labiaplasty:

  • vaginoplasty – reconstructive surgery – improves the function of vagina canal, bringing it back to the state pre- e.g. childbirth,
  • labiaplasty – labiaplasty – cosmetic surgery – changes the shape or size of labia in order for it to meet patient’s standards.

Who it is for?

Generally healthy, adult women, who have suffered a vaginal rupture or stretch. Such damage concerns the vast majority of women after natural childbirth. Vaginoplasty is also suitable for those, who suffered an accident, damage caused by an intercourse or genetic conditions.

Surgery info

Surgery needs to be performed under loca or intravenous anaesthetics. This depends on the extent of the procedure. During the surgery the surgeon is going to remove excess skin from inside the vagina, tightening the tissue and bringing back together separated muscles. Additional skin can be removed after finishing the process for aesthetic purposes. The procedure requires not more than two hours, but recovery can take up to few weeks.

Hospital stay

No hospital stay is required, but it is possible for an additional fee. The patient is released from the clinic usually a couple hours after the surgery.

Clinic info

The procedure is available in Warsaw Józefów clinic.

Required stay in Poland

Between 7 and 8 nights due to the necessary check-ups and possible removal of sutures 7 days after the surgery. Minimum 1 night before the surgery medical examinations qualifying for the procedure and anaesthetics should be performed. Additionally, a consultation is required to pre-qualify the patient for the surgery – it is not possible to qualify on the basis of photos. For foreign patients this means a double visit to Poland (once for a consultation and a second time for the surgery). The first stay will take only a few hours and the patient can immediately undergo all required tests.


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Planned pregnancy in the coming months, patient’s poor health, blood coagulation disorders. We do not recommend performing vaginoplasty before the first childbirth, as it will change the appearance of the vagina.

Possible complications

Vaginoplasty is connected with some level of risk of possible complications, like infection, prolonged wound healing, unsatisfactory results, pain, complications associated with anaesthetics (respiratory and circulatory systems).

Post-operative guidelines

After the surgery the patient is required to rest for up to two weeks, limiting the movement, which could cause a higher level of pain. It is very important not to put tampons or other items in vaginal canal for up to even two months. To avoid any complications it is important to schedule regular, follow-up visits.

Surgery cost

The price of the vaginoplasty is around 5500 PLN / £ 1167 / € 1294. It includes surgery, anaesthetics, post-surgery check-ups and suture removal as well as medications.

Additional fees are 150 PLN / £ 31 / € 36 for consultation qualifying for the procedure and up to about 300 PLN / £ 63 / € 71 for medical tests qualifying for the procedure and anaesthetics.