What’s included?

  • consultation with the surgeon,
  • consultation with a cardiologist,
  • consultation with a pulmonologist,
  • consultation with an endocrinologist,
  • consultation with a gynecologist,
  • consultation with a dietitian,
  • consultation with a psychologist,
  • consultation with an anaesthetist,
  • pre-op medical tests (extensive blood tests, urine tests, gastroscopy, chest X-ray, abdominal ultrasound, ECG),
  • anaesthetics,
  • surgery fees,
  • up to 4 nights of hospital stay (2 before + 2 after the procedure)
  • specialized medical care while at the hospital,
  • check-ups and medication while at the hospital,
  • meals while at the hospital,
  • check-up before release from the hospital.

Currently, after arrival at the hospital, there is a fast Covid-19 swab test conducted. A negative result allows being admitted to the hospital. This test is included in the price of the package.

Additional cost

  • medication prescribed by the doctor, to be bought at a local pharmacy (cost around 800 PLN / £148 / €147),
  • local transfers,
  • flights,
  • hotel for before and after hospital stay.

Some surgeons recommend compression stockings and an anti-hernia abdominal belt for after surgery. Purchase before surgery is recommended.

Our price does not include follow-up check-ups or blood tests required every few months during the first year post-surgery. You are advised to search for available aftercare options back home (own arrangements required) before you have your surgery. You may also have the above in Poland (at an additional cost).