Łódź Brzeziny clinic

Specializes in general surgery, cardiology, neurology, orthopaedics, gynaecology, oncological surgery, chemiotherapy, endoscopy, treatments of intestinal diseases and pediatrics.

  • Our recommendation for Orbera gastric balloons.
  • Located half an hour away from Łódź city centre.
  • Large private hospital with a multi-specialized medical clinic.
  • One of the most modern hospitals in the area.
  • It’s history dates back to a year 1886.
  • 180 beds for the patients.
  • 9 specialized wards.
  • Highly qualified and experienced specialist doctors and nurses.
  • Expanded, modernized and refurbished just a few years back.
  • Latest technology medical equipment.
  • Fully equipped modern operating rooms.
  • Luxurious recovery rooms for the patients.
  • Comprehensive diagnostics.
  • Own analytical laboratory.
  • Awarded HQ Certificate 2015/54, Luxury Brand of The Year 2018, Patient Friendly Clinic Certificate 2018.