Trust Top-Medics. You matter to us!


Trust Top-Medics. You matter to us!


Trust Top-Medics. You matter to us!

We are a partner network of private plastic and general surgery clinics in Poland. We work with some of the best surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses providing safe and top-quality services. We offer liposuction, varicose vein treatment, weight loss treatment, plastic surgeries and some smaller aesthetic procedures such as fillers etc. At Top-Medics Poland, we carefully select the specialists we work with, as both the satisfaction of our patients and their safety are always our highest priority.

How does it work?

We direct patients to some well-known clinics for treatment while arranging their stay in a certain city in Poland, required pre-treatment tests, transport and many other additional services like shopping, sightseeing, etc. Our goal is to provide a “tailor-made” package, according to individual preferences.

Although we strongly encourage you to use our services and purchase the entire package “treatment + transport & assistance”, you can choose to self-organize your stay. In both cases, everything happens in just a few following steps.

Step 1

Contact us about the procedure you are interested in or specify the problem you would like to have treated. It’s easy! Email us on, leave a message using the contact form on our website (in the Contact section or the Home page) or call us during our office hours on +48 530 913 813. We will need some of your photos and / or answers to some medical questions. We will inform you about the details in response to your request.

Step 2

We will present you an opinion of at least one specialist, the recommended treatment and prices. After you accept our offer and choose the date of the treatment, we will answer all your questions, advise on flights, trains, taxis, hotels, required tests and preparation for the procedure.

Step 3

After agreeing on all details, we will send you a Contract to sign. To confirm the booking, we will ask you to pay a deposit, book the hotel and flights / trains. After gathering all the information, we will prepare a detailed itinerary for you. You will find all the dates and times of your appointments there, the address of the clinic, important phone numbers and details of the balance payment. Now you can start preparing for the “new you” 😉

The idea to provide such medical services originated due to a visible lack of support for foreign patients who wished to come to Poland to undergo e.g. a gastric surgery abroad or one of modern body sculpting procedures. Over the years we have helped a number of patients which allowed us to gain large popularity in the country and abroad.

Every facility has at the disposal of experienced professionals modern, state-of-the-art equipment. The personnel consists of excellent, highly qualified anaesthetists, surgeons and nurses. You can find out more about them on ‘Our Doctors’ subpage. They are trained in the latest aesthetic medicine treatments. Our team provides help with varicose veins problem (EVLT and EVRF procedures), obesity and weight issues (gastric band and balloon), body shape (Vaser Lipo, Vaser Hi Def and more) as well as such plastic surgery as rhinoplasty or breast enlargement.

We follow the exact same procedures as the best clinics in the United Kingdom, the US as well as Western Europe. To confirm the highest quality standards, the majority of our clinics received or are about to obtain ISO Certificate.