Leczenie / usuwanie ginekomastii (przerostu piersi u mężczyzn)

What is it?

Gynecomastia is a common disorder, which can affect teenage boys, newborns or even adult men. Affected men have noticeably enlarged chest, which is caused by excess of fat accumulating in the area or hypertrophy of glandular tissue. Both causes can also occur simultaneously (mixed gynecomastia). Disorder occurs due to hormonal changes caused by puberty, or due to a hormonal imbalance during which body has excess of estrogens. Usually, gynecomastia disappears without any help, because the body manages to balance out the hormonal environment. If it does not pass naturally and the enlarged chest is causing distress or dysphoria, it is worth to consider surgery.

Surgery info

Depending on the cause of the disorder, appropriate treatment is selected. It may involve the removal of excess fat (by liposuction) or the surgical removal of hypertrophied glandular tissue. In the case of mixed gynecomastia, both methods are applied simultaneously. The surgery itself will take place in a sterilized operating room in a private clinic, where the patient is going to remain under the care of a qualified surgeon, certified nurses and an anaesthetist. Performing the procedure involves the implementation of a few small incisions, which allows to either remove excess fat or the glandular tissue. In most cases, gynecomastia treatment does not take longer than one or two hours. The procedure is performed under intravenous anaesthetics.

Hospital stay

Unless the gynecomastia procedure has been combined with the liposuction of other parts of the body (when an overnight stay in the clinic is necessary), hospital stay is not required. If the patient wants to stay, it is possible for an additional fee. The discharge from the clinic follows just a few hours after the surgery, but the patient has to come back for at least 1 to 2 follow-up visits.

Clinic info

Gynecomastia treatment is available in Warsaw Józefów clinic. Detailed information is provided in Our clinics section.

Required stay in Poland

Two to three nights: 1 night before gynecomastia treatment to perform all required medical tests and from 1 to 2 nights after the procedure. It is worth considering an even longer stay for comfort and safety reasons.


We recommend hotels we work with in Warsaw Józefów listed in the Accommodation section.


Contraindications to the procedure are heart, liver, respiratory, circulatory or mental diseases as well as unrealistic expectations of the patients. It is important to remember that the aim of the procedure is improvement, not perfection.

Possible complications

They include infection, chronic pain, loss of sensation in the operated area, complications associated with anaesthetics, asymmetry, hemorrhage, swelling, bruising, unsatisfactory treatment results, complications associated with the respiratory system, seroma, scars, burns, skin loss.

Post-operative guidelines

First and foremost, the patient must remember to take medications prescribed by the doctor as well as to follow his post-procedure recommendations (provided after the surgery, together with a discharge letter from the clinic). Guidelines also include wearing compression garments (if recommended) and avoiding any physical activity for a period specified by the doctor. Dressings at the incision site should be regularly replaced and the area itself should be gently massaged and checked for any worrisome changes. Some patients may need an additional consultation with the doctor upon returning home. Removal of excess fluid accumulated in the operated area (so-called „puncture” or „drainage”) might also be required.

Surgery cost

7650 PLN / £1443 / €1700 for gynecomastia treatment by removing excess glandular tissue or 8560 PLN / £1615 / €1902 for removing excess fat tissue and 11 960 PLN / £2257 / €2685 for mixed gynecomastia treatment.

The cost includes consultations, treatments, intravenous anaesthetics, a compression garment, medication, dressing changes (by a nurse) and post-surgery check-ups. Price does not include the cost of flights, accommodation, blood tests or transfer to and from the clinic.

For an extra fee, the patient can purchase an additional compression garment (the price ranges from 100 PLN / £19 / €22 up to 350 PLN / £66 / €78). Needs to be ordered prior to arrival at our clinic.