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Vaser Lipo

What is it?

Modern procedure allowing to get rid of excessive fat deposits and shape body contours. Using the latest ultrasound technology to safely and delicately sculpt the body, VASER Lipo replaces traditional and very invasive liposuction. The main advantage of this technology is the fact, that it is able to distinguish between fat and other tissues (blood vessels, nerves etc.). It does not damage important tissues breaking up the fat only, which results in quicker healing and fantastic effects.

Who is it for?

VASER Lipo is a perfect solution for everyone thinking of getting rid of unwanted, hard to eliminate fat deposits in a quick and low-pain way. Initial qualification for the procedure is done by the surgeon on the basis of photos. Blood tests and direct consultations with the surgeon and an anaesthetist are done after arrival to Poland.


Laser gives several advantages over traditional liposuction techniques. One of the most important one is the result achieved thanks to VASER Lipo procedure. Not only are the stubborn fat deposits effectively eliminated, but also the skin becomes very smooth and body contours are better visible, thus giving you very aesthetic, natural look.
Thanks to the implementation of ultrasound technology, the recovery time is minimal as well. Only the fat is dissolved, while other tissues are left intact allowing the patient to quickly return to their everyday routine.
Traditional method of removing unnecessary fat is also much more invasive, as the tissue is mechanically broken up and then removed through a special tube. Thanks to VASER Lipo the whole procedure is much simpler, as the fat cells are destroyed through heating. The necessary incision is very small and the risk of damaging other tissues is very low.

Surgery info

It is performed under sedation and local anaesthetics by experienced and qualified surgeon, assisted by an anaesthetist. The surgery is conducted in a disinfected operating room. During the first step, a special tumescent saline solution is injected to the area to be reshaped (it helps to numb it and reduce the size of blood vessels, thus minimize bruising as well as blood loss). As a result, breaking up of the fat tissue with the use of Vaser Lipo’s ultrasounds is much easier. In the next step, a small probe is used to transmit the ultrasounds and dissolve the fat, without damaging other tissues. In the end, the liquefied fat is gently sucked out in a process, which minimizes the damage to other important cells and tissues, including blood vessels, nerves and others. The patient is able to walk out of the clinic very soon after the surgery is over and is provided with all painkillers, antithrombotics, antibiotics and other medication and compression garment needed after the Vaser Lipo procedure.

Price (approximates):

  • Full abdomen €1640 / £1310
  • Waist / flanks €1265 / £1010
  • Inner thighs €1265 / £1010
  • Outer thighs €1390 / £1110

Cheaper in a package! Contact us for details.

Hospital stay

1 night at the Katowice clinic. No hospital stay at the Warsaw clinic.

Clinic info

Vaser Lipo treatment is available in both Katowice and Warsaw clinics.

Our clinic in Katowice was established in 1998. It was the first clinic in Poland and one of the first ones in central-eastern Europe to perform Vaser and Vaser Hi Def surgeries. Thanks to experienced staff and modern equipment used, our clinic offers as well numerous other services, including general and plastic surgeries, along with professional beauty treatments.

Our private aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw offers modern medical equipment and well-trained, experienced staff-surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and beauticians. Since 1996 the clinic has performed thousands of surgeries and other treatments.

Required stay in Poland

2-3 days.


We offer a wide range of hotels in Katowice and Warsaw. Please see ‘Accommodation / Katowice or Warsaw’ for details..


Patients with liver conditions, heart or skin diseases, blood coagulation disorders and other medical problems, as well as unrealistic expectations towards the procedure.

Possible complications

As in the case of any surgery, Vaser Lipo involves some risk, although they are likely to be minor, as highly qualified and experienced surgeon will perform the procedure. The potential complications include, for instance, infection, bleeding, allergic reactions, pain or asymmetry. Our staff will gladly advise in every such case.

Before and after photos


Vaser lipo_patient1