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Vaser Hi Def

What is it?

Vaser Hi Def is a modern procedure allowing not only to remove fat, but also to shape the body so it looks healthy and athletic. This innovative surgery makes it possible to accent characteristic for men and women bodies curves and depressions. From all of the body shaping methods, Vaser Hi Def gives the best results!

Who is it for?

Generally healthy patients seeking a fast, low-pain solution to losing stubborn fat deposits, who additionally want to gain an ‘athletic’ look. The surgeon initially qualifies the patient on the basis of the photos. Final qualification for the procedure is done in Poland, after all necessary blood tests are done, following personal consultation with both, an anaesthetist and a surgeon.


This laser-assisted technique is perfect for effective removal of fat deposits in minimally invasive way and shape the body to reveal its natural contours. Vaser Hi Def is great for both men and women, who want to quickly and safely get thinner and sculpt their buttocks, stomach, as well as back, thighs, chest, as well as upper arms, armpits and other areas.
Another reason of increased popularity of Vaser Hi Def procedure is the fact, that the achieved effect is completely natural. Characteristic for men and women body contours are enhanced and made more visible, thus natural beauty of every patient is revealed.


One of the major advantage of Vaser Hi Def liposuction method is minimal pain connected with the procedure and relatively short time of recovery after it. Only the fat cells are targeted and no damage to surrounding tissues is done, thus the patient can quickly return to their normal life.
Tens of thousands of procedures conducted already around the world has proven as well its high safety and patients’ satisfaction with the results.

Surgery info

The Vaser Hi Def surgery is performed under general anaesthetics, as usually larger parts of the body or few of them are treated at the same time. The whole procedure takes place in a sterilized operating room. Surgeon, assisted by a certified anaesthtetist, starts by filling the area of the procedure with special tumescent saline solutions. Its task is to numb the area and make to blood vessels smaller, in order to reduce the blood loss and bruising after the surgery. Moreover, it makes the process of breaking up the fat with the use of Vaser Hi Def ultrasound energy much easier. Next, a small probe is used to transmit the sound energy, which liquefies fat without inflicting any damage to the surrounding tissues (including blood vessels, nerves etc.). The final step includes gentle suction process, which helps to safely remove the fat from the area of the surgery. The patient stays in a post operative room and is provided with medication (painkillers, antibiotics, antithrombotics) as well as necessary compression garment.

Price (approximates):

  • Full abdomen €2125 / £1700
  • Hips €1500 / £1200
  • Full thighs €1750 / £1400

Cheaper in a package! Contact us for details.

Hospital stay

1 night. During the first 24 hours after the surgery, a doctor and a nurse will look after you in one of the post operative rooms, providing all the necessary medication and care. The following morning you get a light breakfast.

Clinic info

Vaser Hi Def surgeries take place in our clinic in Katowice (established in 1998) – the first medical establishment in Poland and one of the first in Central and Eastern Europe to perform the surgery. Experienced, qualified staff uses modern equipment to offer numerous other beauty treatments, general or plastic surgeries as well.

Required stay in Poland

Most of our Vaser Hi Def patients stay in Poland for 2-3 days.


The patients can stay in one of several hotels in Katowice. For the details see ‘Accommodation / Katowice’.


Both patient’s unrealistic expectations and medical problems (heart and skin diseases, blood coagulation, liver conditions etc.).

Possible complications

Top-Medics experienced and qualified staff minimizes the potential risk of complications, although Vaser Hi Def is a surgical operation and as such involves some risks, including asymmetry, infection, bleeding, allergic reactions, pain. In any case, our surgeon and other experts will be happy to advise you on dealing with them.

Post-operative guidelines

The patient will get special Info Pack, including post-operative guidelines, after email and personal consultation with Top-Medics surgeon.
Before & after photos

Before & after photos

Vaser Hi Def_female patient1