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Plastic surgeries

Increasingly popular in recent decades, they have become methods of improving our self-esteem and confidence through improvements in our appearance. Plastic surgeries are also performed frequently to reconstruct these areas of our body, which were changed as a result of an accident or illness.
Currently, plastic surgeries include augmentation (enlargement), reduction, contouring/reshaping of virtually any body area. Apart from rhinoplasty and breast enlargement, mentioned below, there are also numerous other procedures performed on an individual request.



Nose reshaping is one of the most common plastic surgeries currently performed. Rhinoplasty, as it is professionally called, involves straightening, narrowing, enlargement as well as reduction of nose. Surgeon can make the nostrils narrower, remodel the contours of the bridge or the tip as well as change the nose size (both enlarge and reduce) according to patient’s needs. However, rhinoplasty can also help people with some breathing problems, fix issues resulting from injury or correct birth defects.


Breast enlargement

Another procedure from the group of the most popular plastic surgeries. Breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, is a procedure aiming at enlarging the breasts while keeping their natural, anatomic shape. Among different available methods, implants offer long-lasting results, which makes them the most often used. The procedure involves placing special pads made of silicone under the muscle or under the skin.