Gastric band surgery

What is it?

A gastric band is a small device (a silicone ring) that is placed around your stomach during a laparoscopic (key-hole) surgery. The band divides your stomach into two parts. The small upper stomach pouch limits the stomach’s capacity and increases the feeling of fullness so it helps you lose weight. After the implantation the band has to be adjusted (usually a few times before the suitable size is reached). Adjustment is a quick and simple 10-15 minute procedure. A doctor adds or removes fluid from the band via the small access port which is located just under the skin. The first adjustment of the gastric band is usually performed six weeks after your abroad surgery and can be done in Poland. Following adjustments can be done at local weight loss clinics (we provide the addresses). The doctor provides you with all the info on how to ‘cooperate’ with the gastric band to get the best weight loss results after the abroad surgery. The bands are designed for lifelong implantation although they can be removed if needed.

Who it is for?

Gastric surgery abroad is an ideal solution for those who can’t afford high surgery fees or simply don’t want to overpay in the UK, Ireland or Scandinavian countries. Best candidates are between 18 and 60 years old and significantly overweight (BMI 35 or higher). Patients with BMI between 32 and 35 will be considered if their obesity is associated with some other health issues. Patients are initially qualified based on a medical questionnaire. After your arrival some additional medical tests are performed (blood tests and a digestive tract edoscopy). You will also have a face to face consultation with our surgeon.

Surgery info

The surgery takes up to 1 hour 30 minutes and is performed under general anaesthetics. It is carried out by a fully qualified and experienced surgeon in a presence of a certified anaesthetist in a sterile operating room in a private hospital. Laparoscopic surgeries are minimally invasive and leave much less scarring then other obesity surgeries. The surgeon uses slender surgical instruments passed through small incisions in the abdomen. This method causes much less pain and fewer wound complications then open operations. Neither long hospital stay nor long recovery periods are needed.

Hospital stay

After surgery you will stay one night in the hospital at one of the post-operative rooms. During that time you will be looked after by a doctor and nurses. They will provide all needed medication and meals.

Hospital info

The procedure is available in two different locations – Bydgoszcz (Bydgoszcz clinic) and Łódź (Łódź II clinic). Please find details in ‘Our clinics’.

Required stay in Poland

Between 4 and 5 nights, depending on the venue. 1 of those nights is spent in the hospital.


Depending on the location, we recommend one of the ‘Bydgoszcz hotels‘ or ‘Łódź hotels‘. Please find more info in ‘Accommodation’.


Mental disorders (schizophrenia, severe depression, bulimia, suicidal tendencies), endocrine disease (adrenal or thyroid dysfunction), abuse of alcohol or drugs, inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract, cancer, gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Possible complications

The gastric band treatment is relatively safe and complications are rare. Some of them are: internal infection, stomach pains, vomiting, constipation, pouch dilatation, port dislocation, band slippage/leakage.

Post-operative guidelines

Provided by the surgeon.

Surgery cost

From 11 000 PLN / £2292 / €2588.

This includes a consultation with a surgeon and an anaesthetist, required pre-op medical tests, general anaesthetics, cost of the band itself, 1 night of hospital stay, and a check-up visit.

Additional cost may be medication prescribed by the doctor (around 200 PLN / £42 / €47).

Some surgeons recommend a special abdominal belt and compression stockings for after surgery. They can be purchased at a pharmacy in Poland at around 50 PLN / £10 / €12 for the belt and around 120 PLN / £25 / €28 for the stockings.


Both locations have airports. Return flight prices from most popular locations start from around £50 / €56.

Bydgoszcz clinic

Bygdoszcz airport BZG – 15-min drive from the town

Poznań airport POZ – around 2h drive (own arrangements or additional charge for the transfers applies – subject to availability)

Gdańsk airport GDN – around 2,5h drive (own arrangements or additional charge for the transfers applies – subject to availability)

Łódź II clinic

Łódź airport LCJ – 15-min drive from the town

Warsaw Chopin airport WAW – around 2h drive (own arrangements or additional charge for the transfers applies – subject to availability)

Warsaw Modlin airport WMI – around 2h drive (own arrangements or additional charge for the transfers applies – subject to availability)


Available upon request. Prices evaluated individually and start from 250 PLN / £52 / €59 per package.