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Varicose Veins Treatment – EVRF

What is it?

EVRF is a varicose veins treatment with the help of radiofrequency. It replaces the classic vein stripping surgery and is currently the safest method available. Low operating temperature in this method reduces the risk of scars and burns. EVRF significantly increases postoperative comfort for the patient: less pain, less skin discoloration, much lower risk of complications, no major hematoma. This method is highly efficient (95%-97%) and ideal for closing those veins that are located close to the skin. This method has become prefered for both the patients and the surgeons. EVRF stands for Endovenous Radio Frequency treatment of Varicose Veins.

Who is it for?

Generally healthy patients who are qualified based on photos, medical tests results (blood tests, Doppler vein ultrasound and ECG for over 50’s) and a face to face consultation with a surgeon and an anaesthetist.

Surgery info

The surgery is performed under local anaesthetics and sedation by a fully qualified and experienced surgeon with the assistance of the certified anaesthetist. The surgeon makes small incisions in your leg and closes the enlarged veins with radiofrequency heat. The heated vessels are continuously monitored by the microprocessor to prevent overheating and burning of the surrounding tissues. The procedure lasts up to 1 hour per leg as it is very often combined with other methods (e.g. sclerotherapy) in order to get the best possible result. After surgery you are provided all needed medication plus compression stockings.




  • 1 leg €825 / £660
  • both legs €1500 / £1200


Hospital stay

No need to stay overnight at a hospital as the surgery is minimally invasive and is performed under local anaesthetics.

Clinic info

EVRF procedures are performed in our private aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw. The clinic offers modern medical equipment and well-trained, experienced staff-surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and beauticians. The clinic was established in 1996 and has performed varicose veins treatment procedures ever since. Additionally it offers a wide range of beauty treatments.

Required stay in Poland

1-2 days.


We offer a wide range of hotels. See ‘Accommodation / Warsaw’ for details.