Dr. Jan Bujok

SURGEON – our specialist in varicose vein and hemorrhoids treatments. Also spcializes in liposuction (Vaser lipo and Vaser Hi Def) , fat transfers and easthetic medicine treatments.

  • Medical University of Śląsk, Poland in 2010.
  • Specialization in general surgery.
  • Post-graduate studies in aesthetic medicine in Katowice, Poland.
  • PhD studies at the Medical Military Institute in Warsaw, Poland.
  • 2007 Doctor intern at the Clinical Hospital in Zabrze, Poland.
  • 2010 post-graduate internship at the Poviat Hospital in Rydułtowy, Poland.
  • 2011 post-graduate training at the District Hospital in Radomsko, Poland.
  • A member of the Polish Association of Surgeons.
  • Underwent multiple courses and workshops in Poland and abroad (some of the certificates below).