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AquaShape by Body-Jet

What is it?

AquaShape by body-jet is a minimally invasive liposuction technique. This gentle method of water-assisted liposuction gives superior body contouring results. Since there’s no need for general anaesthetics, AquaShape by body-jet reduces medical risk, while minimizing patient downtime. This method also dramatically decreases bruising, swelling and bleeding. And, since AquaShape permanantly removes fat cells in the treated areas, you can expect outstanding body contouring with long-lasting results.With AquaShape the surgeon can also collect your fat cells and re-use them to transfer them to your breast, buttocks or face. This procedure can smooth out breast irregularities, augment breast and buttocks size, and enhance overall breast and buttocks contours. In the face, your own fat cells can restore youthful contours and reduce the signs of aging.

Who is it for?

Generally healthy patients seeking a fast, low-pain solution to losing stubborn fat deposits. The patient is initially qualified by the surgeon based on photos. After arrival to Poland the patient has blood tests done and undergoes a face to face consultation with the surgeon and an anaesthetist.

Surgery info

The surgery is performed under local anaesthetics and sedation. The procedure takes place in a disinfected operating room and is performed by a fully qualified and experienced surgeon and with the assistance of a certified anaesthetist. Depending on the area, the surgery takes from 30 minutes up to 2-3 hours. The procedure involves a tiny incision being made in the skin and where a cannula is inserted by the surgeon. A water jet containing local anaesthetics breaks up the fat cells and allows gentle suctioning of the excess fat. This method guarantees the highest safety, comfort and efficiency for the patient. Compering to the classic liposuction the key benefits of WAL method are: much smaller amount of anaesthetics used, less tissue damage, the risk of hematoma reduced to a minimum, ability to remove large amounts of unwanted fat and also shorter treatment and recovery time. After the treatment you will be provided with antibiotics, painkillers and other required medications. You will also get a special post-operative pressure garment.

Price (approximates):

  • Full abdomen €1640 / £1310
  • Waist / flanks €1265 / £1010
  • Inner thighs €1265 / £1010
  • Outer thighs €1390 / £1110

Cheaper in a package! Contact us for details.

Hospital stay

There is no need to stay overnight at a hospital as the surgery is minimally invasive and is performed under local anaesthetics. Soon after the surgery you are able to walk out of the clinic.

Clinic info

The procedure will be performed in our private aesthetic medicine clinic in Warsaw. It offers modern medical equipment and well-trained, experienced staff-surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses and beauticians. The clinic was established in 1996 and has performed thousands of wide range treatments ever since.

Required stay in Poland

2 days.


We offer a wide range of hotels in Warsaw. Please see ‘Accommodation / Warsaw’ for details.


Medical problems (blood coagulation disorders, liver conditions, skin diseases, heart diseases and other) and unrealistic expectations of the patients.

Possible complications

As you will be treated by an experienced and fully-qualified surgeon the complications are likely to be minor although AquaShape by body-jet procedure as with any other surgical operation involves some risks. The main ones are: allergic reactions, asymmetry, bleeding, pain, infection. We will be happy to help or advise you in any of those cases.

Post-operative guidelines

Detailed post-operative guidelines will be provided in an Info Pack after an email consultation with Top-Medics staff and at the face to face consultation with the surgeon at the clinic.