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Best doctors

Top-Medics cooperates only with the best, fully-qualified and highly-experienced surgeons assisted by certified anaesthetists and nurses.

Best doctors

Modern clinics

All of our Clinics meet some of the highest European Union medical standards.

Modern clinics

Personal assistants

At least one of our English speaking residents will be there for you 24h a day.

Personal assistants

Competitive pricing

You will be surprised how much you get for your money! Contact us today and get a quote.

Competitive pricing

Healthcare abroad

We are proud to present to you a new level of healthcare abroad. Top-Medics is a network of private clinics with one of the best surgeons, anaesthetists and nurses providing top-quality services. Each clinic is a professional facility following the best standards and procedures developed and used by leading UK, US and Western European clinics. The confirmation of the quality of our services is the ISO Certificate obtained by the majority of Top-Medics facilities.
We specialize in a variety of treatments, including weight loss procedures (gastric band, balloon), varicose veins treatment (EVLT, EVRF), liposuction (Smart Lipo, Vaser Lipo, Vaser Hi Def, AquaShape) and numerous professional plastic surgeries (rhinoplasty, face lift, breast augmentation and others).
Choose our services and you won’t regret it!

Obesity became in the 21st century a very common medical issue. It is usually connected with such health problems, as depression, high cholesterol and blood pressure, diabetes and others. Gastric band surgery abroad can help solve the problem with excess weight in the most radical cases. Read more
Modern laser (EVLT) and radio frequency (EVRF) varicose veins treatment replaces classic surgeries and effectively help with this painful problem. The procedures limit the pain normally connected with a surgery, as well as are quicker, easier to perform and minimize the risk of complications. Read more
Innovative methods and technology in the area of aesthetic medicine are developed in order to effectively remove excessive fat, sculpt the body and minimize the recovery time. One of the most innovative liposuction procedures are Vaser Hi Def, Vaser Lipo, Smart Lipo and AquaShape by body-jet.
Read more
Breast enlargement, Rhinoplasty, Tummy Tuck, Face Lift and many more…
Rhinoplasty, breast enlargement, reduction or reshaping as well as other plastic surgery procedures are continuously becoming increasingly popular. They are seen as a solution allowing to enhance our beauty or to reconstruct the body after various accidents or illnesses.
Read more

Meet our surgeons

Dr. Henryk Mekle
Specializes in Vaser and Vaser HiDef surgeries.

Dr. Zbigniew Kowalczyk
Specializes in Gastric Balloon implantation and removal.

Dr. Tomasz Szewczyk
Our Gastric Band specialist.

Dr. Tomasz Kłos
Specializes in Varicose Veins treatments and liposuctions.

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Special offers

‘Spring’s special’

Only this spring with every purchased surgery you will get a full dental check-up absolutely free.Read more

‘Look special for the New Years Eve’

This winter get 50% off dermal fillers regular price. Read more

‘Sweet September smile’

This September get your lips enlarged half price and enjoy your new sweet smile. Read more


Arthur, UK - Vaser HiDef 
EXCELLENT SURGERY SKILLS and standards , 1st class hygiene, excellent quality service, and REALLY good value!

Hayley, UK – Rhinoplasty
Great! My new nose is fab!

Jonas, Norway – Vaser HiDef
The result turned out very natural and much better than I had emagined.

Maria, Sweden – SmartLipo
I achieved best possible outcome at less than half of the price that it would cost in Sweden.

Anna, US – Breast implants and breast lift               Thank you for this life changing experience!

Mia, Spain - EVLT
My surgery went great and those horrid veins are finally gone!